Review : Bottlesmoker concert – Theater of Mind

Theater of Mind, on 28th of July 2011 started on 7pm. The concert venue which was originally prepared in the Old Building Jalan Asia Afrika No. 90 moved to the Campus STSI Bandung GK. Dewi Asri is located at Jalan Buah Batu, Bandung. The moved  of venue did not dampen the interest of the audience to come and be a witness for the first time BottleSmoker concert was held in Bandung.

Opening act of this concert by Teman Sebangku that collaborated with Yunita Rahma the keyboardist of Sarasvati. They were singing some songs from their EP and some that not included in the EP.

Bottle-Smoker-Concert-Pemandangan-(4)After sweet opening from Teman Sebangku, on the stage, came up Pemandangan. Really unique group music from bandung. They sang 4 songs: Nista Abadi, Piluan Wacana, Astronot Indonesia, Kicauan Burung and maked the atmosphere felt really different because of rare instrument they used to make sounds to complete the music.

After two bands for the opening, Bottlesmoker came up to the stage and performances their songs from latest album: Lets die together in 2012 (B-rarities). The first song was Up the Creek, then they performed dimished (more or less) perfectly! Then ((((ox)))), and Frozen followed.

While they performed, in the venue, fall from the celling, convetie and  bubbles. It was really beautifull, with visual art that really support audience to do their imagination and theater of mind.


After that they were collaborated with their producer on Lets die together in 2012 (B-rarities), Dissa Kamajaya, soloist experimental instrumentalist, The Jakesperiment, to performed the most waited tracks : Typography and Boredom and Freedom.  They also remixed The SIGIT’s hit, money making together.

They also collaborated with kids from CLC Choir to performed Cherry Bombshell’s hit : Langkah Peri, and Depache Mode, Goodnight Lovers.

After that gloomy atmosphere, bottlesmoker brought that typical cheerful side, with their famous hat.  Then they performed the most played track on their page : Before circus over. And then Free Hugs, Love Saturday (even thought it was Thursday, lol) and A lot of Numbers.   In the middle of the performance, angkuy’s step on a box but then he fell over.


After about three hours hypnotized the audience with their cradle and experimental sounds, Bottlesmokers excused themself as they brought Le Voyage as their ultimate song to enclose this concert. At the end of the event, Bottlesmoker giving “gifts” of hundreds of pink balloons that fell from the sky. And close their imaginative concert amazingly.

Congratulation Bottlesmoker for the success of the first concert. We’ll waiting for your next art, and music. Cheers!


Sarita, the vocalist of  Teman Sebangku


Pemandangan on the stage



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